When your shoes make the papers

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We cite: ‘Hugh Welchman walks on his Van Gogh shoes. Light blue footwear with and almond motif. ‘Someone gave them to me. I cannot remember who. But they are very comfortable.’ Undoubtedly Van Gogh Brabant got them for him, a collective of municipalities in the province who in promote the painter. They got the shoes made, last year, in collaboration with a shoe manufacturer from Drunen.’ This is a quotation from an article in Brabants Dagblad about the exposition of 140 works from Welchman’s beautiful film ‘Loving Vincent’– that opens in the Noordbrabants Museum.

Oh, and the quote isn’t just from the article: it opens with it. We think that is not accidental. You see, Vincent Van Gogh shoes are attention grabbers in a positive way. They are carriers of a great story.

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