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I walk here as much as I can. It’s absolutely beautiful even though it’s in the city.
– Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo

Look at Rolf! He looks mighty comfortable. And how can he not be! With a big smile, showing off his artful Van Gogh shoes. Here, in London, he visits the World Travel Market; to promote VisitBrabant and Van Gogh in Brabant. What a joy to kick your feet up for art’s sake.

Did Vincent walk the streets of London? Well yes, he did. He lived in London for a long time, from 1873 to 1876. And he loved it here. It was a happy time. He was twenty years old, money to spend and plenty of time to just walk about.

I walk here as much as I can… I enjoy the walk from home to the office and in the evening from the office back home. It takes about three-quarters of an hour.
– Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo

If you are in London, and you are wearing your Vincent Van Gogh Shoes, why not walk his favourite routes?


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