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We would like to thank you in your interest in our unique Almond Blossom and Sunflowers Vincent van Gogh shoes. In order to choose the desired shoe size and to order your unique Vincent van Gogh shoes, we will explain the steps to be taken in the ordering process.

Almond Blossom: Both male and female models sell at €333,00 for all sizes
Sunflowers: available male models sell at € 300,00 for all sizes

Choose your ‘Vincent van Gogh’ ladies or men’s shoes.

The table below shows the length of your foot. In the left column is the European dimension. In the right column you will find the French size. To learn more about measurements, take a look at the page ‘about sizes‘.

Then you can indicate your width with the choice between E (narrow), G (normal), H (wide) and K (extra wide). To learn more about measurements, take a look at the page ‘about sizes‘.

If you want to order multiple pairs of shoes in the same size, give in the number of pairs.

After you enter the information above, you can enter your full personal details in the following table.

Depending on your location, the shipping costs will be determined and matched to the confirmation we send you*.

*Shipping up to 2 kg. per zone (track & trace):
NL: €8,60 / EUR1: €14,65 / EUR2: €20,15 / EUR3: €20,95 / Wereld: €25,95

Return Policy: should you in any way be unsatisfied with the shoe, please contact sales@durea.nl with the order number. You will receive the return form by e-mail. Return shipping costs are at the expense of sender.

Finally, you can indicate whether you want to stay informed of our products through our newsletter.

After completing the information above, press the shipping button and we will receive your order. We will then arrange for confirmation of the order, total cost and scheduled delivery time of the shoes. You will receive this confirmation by e-mail at the e-mail address you have entered.

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    Craft is an art. Artisan shoemaking, at the Van Drunen Schoenfabriek the older generation teaches it to the younger. From father to son, since April 19, 1913 – more than a hundred years. This produces quality shoes that fit comfortably and look perfect. Van Drunen Schoenfabriek is known for its wide range of widths that they offer in their premium range. These are shoes for which you get compliments. A perfect finish and smooth thanks to carefully selected leather.


    By purchasing these shoes, you contribute to the preservation of the Van Gogh cultural heritage in North Brabant, Netherlands.For more information: www.vangoghbrabant.com


    Van Drunen Schoenfabriek
    Thomas Edisonweg 1
    5151 DH Drunen
    The Netherlands

    Postbus 7
    5150 AA Drunen

    KvK 18115213
    Email info@vandrunenschoenfabriek.nl