The Sunflower, from Fully in Bloom to Wilderness

It is toward the end of the summer of 1888. Vincent writes his brother Theo enthusiastically about his work on the sunflowers. Nevertheless, he does not finish the paintings immediately. One year later, Vincent continues the work. He probably really needed that time. Because, with the series of paintings, van Gogh shows the different stages in the blooming of sunflowers: from fully in bloom to becoming a wilderness.

Vincent found all Yellows

Remarkable in the series is the use of the many shades of yellow. The better you look, the more variations you see. As if Vincent was able to capture sun and light in those sunflowers. Probably, that is how it felt to him too; in a letter to Theo he writes: ‘somehow the sunflower is mine.’

For a Friend

Vincent painted his sunflowers as a gift for his friend Paul Gauguin; to decorate his bedroom with.

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